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Voice123 Case studies

The News Literacy Project

How NLP's PSA video reached over 1.4 million impressions
- a Voice123 Managed Services case study.
News Literacy Project

The News Literacy Project

The News Literacy Project is a nonpartisan education nonprofit building a national movement to create a more news-literate America. It was founded in 2008 by Alan C. Miller. The organization’s place as a game-changer in news literacy education is the result of his vision, passion, and commitment. And as a nonprofit, NLP relies on the generous support of foundations, corporations, and individuals. 

How they benefited from our Managed Services

Their National News Literacy Week campaign was based on a dynamic PSA video with a persuasive voice over. The voice over script for the video needed to be updated, which meant finding new voice actors, one for an English script and another for a Spanish script. Some of the key requirements were: both performances would have to be directed by a bilingual director, delivered in a tight turnaround time, and meet a specific budget. 


The approximate video results for the English and Spanish PSA for Jan 1-31, 2023 


Played on 300 stations 


More than 230,000 video airings 


105,000,000 impressions


 $4.3 million in ad value

Voice over services NLP needed


Voice123 provided curated options of professional voice actor samples.


A bilingual director ensured the voice overs fit the project's brief and script.

Streamlined Payment

NLP avoided multiple payments and cross-border hassles.

🎯 The Challenge

NLP reached out to a production company that they had previously worked with to help with the project. However, they didn't have the bandwidth, and since it was a smaller-scope project, some of the other production companies weren’t able to take it on, especially with the tight turnaround time.

NLP had never hired its own voice actors before, which would make the process even more time-consuming.

They also needed the assistance of a director who could work with both the English and Spanish-speaking voice actors to ensure the performance fit the brief and specs.

The Solution

Voice123 stepped in and provided everything regardless of the scope and tight turnaround time. A curated shortlist of professional voice actors was provided for NLP to choose the best voices for their project. 

A bilingual director was also available who could work with both voice actors. This was essential for The News Literacy Project; otherwise, an external production director would have had to be hired, which would have been more complicated and costly.

The final deliverables were provided on time according to the project's delivery, performance, format, and audio specs.

The Outcome

Darragh, from The News Literacy Project describes their experience and if they would use Voice123’s Managed Services again. 

"It was a really convenient, cost-effective project that was efficient and seamless. We got everything we needed, the turnaround was really quick, and the quality and format of the voice over were excellent; we had no issue cutting it down for shorter spots.

To top it all off, the payment process was smooth, and we got a studio-level performance, but without a studio-level cost. It was like working with a production company at a fraction of the cost."

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"The customer service was excellent, personalized, and very responsive. Being remote didn't make a difference, and the project didn't skip a beat. I would definitely recommend Voice123's Managed Services! It’s an industry-standard service."

Darragh Worland

- Senior Vice President