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Voice123's Managed Services

From casting studio-quality voice actors to streamlining payments, Managed Services avoid the hassle of outsourcing and in-house production - saving time and resources. 

Whether you need 5, 500, or 5000 voice overs - if you need it, we can do it!

How Managed Services works


1: Send your project specs for free advice and a quote - customizable to your needs. 


2: Choose the perfect voices in any language or style from our curated list of professionals.


3: Receive top-quality voice overs - directed and produced to your specifications.

We can help you:

Save time 
Streamline payment options
Finish projects faster 
Get curated and professional audio quality 

Why clients use Voice123's Managed Services


NLP's PSA reached over 1 million impressions.

"The Customer Service was excellent and responsive."

Managed Services options

We cover your audio projects from casting, contracting, editing, writing, translation, and streamlining payments.


Select voice actors from our curated shortlist, available in every language.

Mesa de trabajo 7 copia

Our team will direct the voice actors’ performances and ensure quality control.

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Receive professional recordings with post-production and mastering.


Complete one safe payment for all your voice overs and avoid cross-border hassles. 

Finish your projects faster with Voice123’s Managed Services!

Send your audio project details and turnaround time, and we'll take it from to-do to done! It's as easy as Voice-1-2-3.

Managed Services